Flooring for New Builds

LK Flooring has fitted floors for new-build houses in and around Cheltenham.

We can offer a better quality flooring for up to  50% less than the developer’s standard flooring.


If you are buying a new build property, we would advise you to get a quote from us.  Don’t just take the options that the housing developers offer.  We can offer you quality flooring such as Luxury Vinyl Tiles and qualify carpet at a price you can afford.

Don’t opt for a low quality flooring which may benefit you financially –  look longer term.

If you buy for an investment, you want durability.  Something with longevity that retains its looks and will sustain busy lifestyles and footfalls.  We can offer you a perfect flooring solution for half of the cost.

Three levels of stairs, our customer chose a classic grey carpet, which is both modern and practical.

The ensuite, bathrooms, kitchen and lounge areas were fitted with Luxury Vinyl Tiles.  Again in a grey colour to compliment the grey carpet in the stairs and bedrooms.