Taking concrete to another level

Our remit was to dress the concrete by laying vinyl tiles to this Taterstalls area of Cheltenham Racecourse.  Our objectives were to fit a stylish floor to not only look great,  but practical and safe for the many visitors.

Epoxy resin was applied initially to the concrete.  This is an important part of the floor preparation, designed to seal the surface from any outgassing of concrete where air will rise and be expelled from the concrete.   Epoxy resin is resistant to environmental degradation,  acts as a damp proofing membrane to block damp and creates a suburb mechanical bond.  Ultimately using this will improve the longevity of the flooring.  A coating of latex was then applied to ensure there was a smooth finish ready for the luxury vinyl tiles to be laid,

Specially made curved nosings had to be used to lock the luxury vinyl tiles into position on the stairs.

The finish looked superb and fit for a day out at the races!