Office flooring

solutions for a professional look

Whether you’ve got a cosy private office, an office that is open to the public or one packed with business meetings, you’ll need professional, quality flooring.

Different types of offices will demand different flooring solutions, but one thing is for sure the style of floor you go for will dramatically impact the look and feel of your building, and also impact the mood and well-being of your employees.

A commercial office space requires a certain look and feel that reflects what goes on inside the building. Not only does flooring contribute to a room’s aesthetic, but also its functionality and level of comfort.

Commercial carpets – office flooring

Office Flooring - carpet flooring by the commercial flooring experts LK Flooring Cheltenham

Carpet is a popular choice for offices:

It adds warmth and comfort; which is desirable for the people working there.

It absorbs sound; so if you have lots of people walking around, high ceilings, or several floors where you can hear movement above, carpet is a good option to soak up the noise.

Some companies are put off because of the need to replace and the problem of possible stains. To get around this you could consider making flooring zones in your office space, with carpet where people sit and a hard floor in other high footfall areas like walkways, and ensure all furniture and equipment has rubber stoppers on to avoid wear and tear.

Durable laminate – office flooring

Office Flooring - laminate flooring by the commercial flooring experts LK Flooring Cheltenham

If you’re looking for something durable, easy to maintain, hard-wearing and simple to clean, then laminate is a good choice.

It offers a contemporary and clean look to your office space and is particularly useful for open plan spaces or reception areas, where people are walking in and out regularly. It’s less likely to dent or scratch and is easy to keep clean if there are spills and splashes.

You can get laminate in a range of wood effects, from dark through to light wood colours, and it offers a neutral base for any room décor.

Cost effective Luxury vinyl tile – office flooring

Office Flooring - luxury vinyl tile flooring by the commercial flooring experts LK Flooring Cheltenham

A similar option to laminate is Luxury Vinyl Tiles, which offer the same benefits of laminate, but they are also non-slip, lower cost and come in a wide range of styles. Styles include not only wood effect but also stone and slate effect and a range of different colours. With LVT you can achieve any look you want for your office, whilst ensuring a strong, durable and easy-clean finish that is anti-allergy. If you’re opting for carpet in your main office, you could consider LVT for office kitchens and toilets.

Slip resistant safety flooring – office flooring

Office Flooring - safety flooring by the commercial flooring experts LK Flooring Cheltenham

If you’ve got a public reception area with high footfall (like a dentists or doctors surgery), or even for corridors of busy offices with lots of staff, you might want to consider safety flooring. Safety flooring is a hard floor which comes on a two-metre-wide roll. Unlike a tile, the wide surface means the seams are welded so there are no gaps, which reduces any possibility of it getting dirt trapped. It is slip resistant and extremely durable and hard-wearing.

Offices are professional spaces where employees need to feel comfortable, warm and safe from slips and trips. Business premises should also reflect the company and give a good first impression to visitors and clients. We have fitted many office carpets, laminate and vinyl floors over the years and have many happy customers who are enjoying their new floors. Visit our blog to see some of our projects.

At LK Flooring we can visit your office and advise on the best flooring solutions for your business, taking into account the way you use the property and the number of employees using the building. We can also help with style choices and tips for keeping your new floor in the best condition. Our fitters will ensure the job gets done quickly to minimise disruption to your business. Call us today for a quote or to organise a visit.