The pros and cons of Laminate flooring

Aug 31, 2017 | commercial, domestic, laminate

The UK’s most popular flooring solution

Over recent years laminate flooring has become the most popular flooring solution for homeowners and businesses in the UK. Practical, durable, clean and modern it ticks many boxes, but it’s not for everyone, nor is it perfect for every room and scenario. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of laminate flooring to help you make a decision.

Pros of laminate flooring


Ground floors see a lot of footfall and require cleaning more regularly to stop dirt going further into the house.

Kitchens, hallways and living rooms can be maintained more quickly and easily and, with the right equipment and products, will not damage or degrade the laminate surface.

With pets roaming around, their fur won’t get stuck in the carpet, which will help to reduce any odour.


Laminate flooring is durable and long-lasting. Carpets stain more easily or can be damaged by pets.

With laminate, you have a clean, solid surface, which you can mop up stains immediately and which animals can’t damage.

Walking with shoes on won’t damage the surface and makes it more convenient.


Laminate flooring has come a long way; with a wide range of colours, styles and textures, so you can create any look you want.

In general laminate gives a contemporary, modern and clean look.

However, the simple light wood options work in traditional rooms, with a more classic décor. It really is an adaptable flooring solution.

pros cons laminate flooring

Cons of laminate flooring


There really is no way of getting around it, laminate is not as soft and cosy as thick carpet.

You can put warm rugs down, but you won’t get the same effect.

You might consider rooms such as nurseries and children’s rooms are better serviced by a soft carpet for little feet and to help with inevitable trips and falls.


Llaminate flooring offers excellent value for money. But for bespoke, high end options with a large space to cover you may find it more expensive.

Vinyl or Luxury Vinyl Tiles have a similar effect to laminate but are more cost effective.

We can advise on prices and options for laminate to make sure you come in on budget for the floor you want.


Many people ask us if laminate is cold underfoot and in general it is warmer than a stone floor. However if you are looking to create a warm, cosy place where you can sit on the floor and cuddle up, then perhaps you need to consider carpet.

You can also think about underfloor heating for rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, which gives lovely warmth under foot.

At LK Flooring we can provide an accurate quotation and our experienced team will happily examine your floor and assess its condition to understand whether additional preparation is required. We offer a wide range of laminate flooring solutions and can supply and install it. Contact us today.


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