Rental property flooring – top 5 flooring solutions

Oct 3, 2017 | commercial, laminate, luxury vinyl tile, rental properties, vinyl

Whether you have a single buy-to-let property, or you’re a commercial property company, you’ll understand the need to provide good quality, durable flooring in the homes you rent to the public. The main considerations for most property owners when they want to update flooring or choose new flooring for new-build properties is how it looks, the durability of it, and of course the cost.

Every property is different of course, from high rise flats with many residents, to small family homes, or properties for elderly or disabled residents. Some rental properties are targeted at the high-end market, others for social housing. So, let’s look at the different options for floors and how you can make the best decision about what to choose for your property before you rent it out.

Hardwearing carpet

In most houses, you’ll find carpet somewhere. Increasingly property owners are minimising carpets in rental properties and opting for easier to clean and maintain solutions (see below). However, it’s likely your tenants will want some carpet – at the very least in their bedrooms, and possibly the lounge area of the home too. A quality, hard-wearing carpet, in a neutral shade is the best option to go for. For example, Berber (or loop pile) carpet has a short pile twist of 1 or 2 ply which means that it is very hardwearing. It also looks modern and as a result it is very popular both for domestic and commercial use.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT)

Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT) are made of tough vinyl material, but produced in tile strips, much the same as laminate and laid in a similar way to create a more modern and high-end look. They can appear very similar to real tiles, but are much cheaper in comparison. With decorative vinyl flooring you can combine essential safety features with an attractive design. It’s hard wearing, water resistant, easy to clean and comes in many attractive designs to suit any room. This solution would be perfect for kitchen areas and bathrooms – but can be used right across the home.


Vinyl flooring has become a popular option and has advanced over the years to provide an attractive, practical and cost-effective choice for some domestic rooms and commercial properties.
It is available in many colours and styles. It’s easy to clean, non-slip, hygienic and anti-allergy with anti-static properties, which makes it perfect for rental properties where different tenants with different requirements are moving in and out. Unlike natural stone, vinyl requires no waxing, polishing or aftercare other than cleaning. It’s a good affordable solution for bathrooms and toilets.


Laminate floors are a popular choice both with homeowners and business owners throughout the country – making them the perfect choice for rental properties, as they offer the durability that a property owner requires with the aesthetic look a tenant would like. Laminate floors all feature a wear layer – a thin but strong coating on top of the boards which protects them from scratches, splashes and traffic. This is what makes them able to take much more abuse than a wooden floor. Once a laminate board is damaged or worn it can’t be refinished, however you can replace damaged boards individually, which is relatively straightforward.

Safety flooring

For single rental properties, you’re unlikely to need safety flooring – but we’ve included it in our commercial mix, as there are different tenant needs and property types available. If you have a large apartment block with communal walkways and entrance areas, you could consider safety flooring if you wanted to give you something very heavy, durable and anti-slip. And in you are renting out properties to the elderly or disabled, they may require safety flooring in their shower room for instance. If you think you require some safety flooring it’s best to speak to us first for some expert advice before getting the work done. Find more details about safety flooring here.

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