A popular choice

I am in love with my new office floor, thanks for recommending the LVT over the vinyl.
– Natalie, Cheltenham
  • Vinyl flooring is a popular option and has advanced over the years.
  • It is attractive, practical and cost-effective for some domestic rooms and commercial properties. I
  • Available in many colours and styles, vinyl is supplied in rolls or tiles. Patterns such as wood, slate, marble, herringbone and mosaic are all possible. We work with popular suppliers such as Karndean and Polyflor.
  • Being easy to clean, non-slip, hygienic and anti-allergy with anti-static properties are key factors.
  • Unlike natural stone, vinyl requires no waxing, polishing or aftercare other than cleaning.

Safety Flooring

vinyl flooring safety flooring

Safety flooring is a hard floor which comes on a two-metre-wide roll. Unlike a tile, the wide surface means the seams are welded so there are no gaps. For floors that are wider than two metres we ensure that the seams and edges are sealed so they do not become contaminated.

This type of floor is slip resistant (bare feet and shoes) and commonly used in shower rooms, wet rooms, surgeries, hospitals and day care centres because of its sanitary qualities.

Safety flooring is easy keep to clean.

Vinyl Cushion Flooring

Vinyl Cushion Flooring is:

  • Soft and warm underfoot
  • cheaper
  • easy to clean

Vinyl cushion flooring is used mainly for domestic purposes. It is supplied in a roll of sheet vinyl. It feels softer and warmer underfoot than other types of vinyl. It is a good choice for domestic kitchens, lounges etc. However we don’t recommend for hallways or office spaces as the surface may be snagged (by stiletto shoes for example).

Unlike luxury vinyl tiles or design floors, once an area is damaged it cannot be partially replaced by a tile. The whole area would have to be replaced.

It is a cheaper option but is not ideal for every surface.

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) or Design Tiles

Luxury Vinyl Tile is:

  • flexible in design
  • hardwearing
  • easy to clean

LVT is vinyl which comes in tile strips. Another name for this is ‘design tiles’ because with this flooring option you can create a unique design, such as a pattern, a border or a feature. It is very flexible from a design point of view. LVT is excellent for both domestic and commercial use – for example coffee shops, showrooms and dental/doctors’ waiting rooms.

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Newly Laid Vinyl

All types of vinyl need to be acclimatised. Like wood, vinyl contracts when cold and expands when warm so we recommend that you do not put anything on the floor for 24 hours after fitting in order to allow the glue to settle and dry. Under extreme temperatures there may be some movement in a newly laid floor. Please tell us during your consultation if this is likely to be an issue.